“Behind every great leader there was an even greater logistician.”
M. Cox

OptoVan is a cloud based solution that helps you manage and optimize your logistic’s fleet. The solution can take the shape and size of your business needs fitting in with your existing architecture and providing you the customer satisfaction benefits along with the cost reduction. Our configurable data structures make it usable and relevant across industries and easily integrable with the existing systems.

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Resource optimization with focus on cost and service levels

OptoVan allows you to identifyallocateplantrack resources with user friendly interface. Define business rules to fit solutions/outcomes to your business needs.

OptoVan works very well with dense networks enabling cross utilization to impact both cost and service levels.

Smart digitized contracts for 'Procure to Pay' process

OptoVan helps you from vendor discovery,  identification, contracting, billing and invoicing, approval and payment.

All kinds of standard contracts are pre defined, you can still add a layer of customization depending on your business needs

Effortless integration with current system or transact on ours.

OptoVan is well designed with universal data structures to fit in different technologies across different industries.

Manage transactions like shipment creationvehicle assignmenttrack and traceexception managementETA’s intimation and control tower.

Pre-integrated and customisable mobile app and performance dashboards.

OptoVan mobile app allows you to get e-PODs, and other documents onlineorder/delivery status and send notifications to the vehicle.

You can define KPI’s according to your business needs and track them at a highly granular level.