Do what you do…..

Just do it faster, cheaper, planned and see it Happening.

Make Technology a part of your Logistics environment, not just mere words

Bulkvan intends to bring the boons of technology to your doorsteps and embed it your day to day work. We intend to connect all parts of your supply chain through a single platform from supplier to consumer. The supply chain would become responsive and predictive. You will find the planning process more robust, assets fully utilized, information available and transparent and documents available on the cloud.

Improve your customer Satisfaction levels

Enhanced customer satisfaction leads directly into improvement in the sales box. In any market condition that could mean a difference in a shopping or a loyal customer.

Cost Control

Find the right partner, optimize your logistic productivity, digitize your documentation and processes to have a significant impact on your margins

Visible Inventory

Target the mantra of right inventory at the right time through knowing the location of your product. Make real business decisions with the improved information availability.



Always the core of our solutions. If technology can do something let’s get it done that way


Each industry has its own challenges. You cannot create generic solutions that fit one and all


Work with the customer not tell him. Our solutions will fit your need. Flexibility is what we imbibe



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