Top investigator faces drug charges as well Copyright by WSAV – All rights reserved Video

Top investigator faces drug charges as well Copyright by WSAV – All rights reserved Video

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSAV) – More law카지노 enforcement officers have been arrested on charges of child pornography, sexual battery and theft while working in Tennessee. Police say that investigators have been unable to arrest the suspects.

According to the FBI and law enforcement agencies throughout Tennessee, over 80 child pornography cases and dozens of sexual battery cases were investigated by the FBI, the Tennessee Bureau m카지노of Investigation, the Tennessee Child Protection and Criminal Victimization unit and the Tennessee Board of Pardons and Parole바카라 사이트s.

The FBI also worked with prosecutors and district attorneys throughout Tennessee, working with child porn files, as well as other evidence gathered from child pornography and other crimes, including murder and child prostitution cases.

After an extensive search of the Internet, police seized over 150 computer devices believed to be connected to two suspects believed to be the subject of the cases.

A man who identified himself as James Moore said in an interview last week that the devices were used to send child porn to other sites.

Moore said that after investigating on his own he discovered that the other suspect had the devices, although they were found in several different computers in two different states.

Investigators believe that the computers were used by multiple sites, with one computer in Tennessee being used in an area known to be frequented by child pornography.

On Wednesday, officers released a photo of the suspect with a gun, but said they were still looking for additional items linked to the case.

“We’re working with them to see what we have and how to assist them in their investigation,” said Sgt. Jim Miller.

The investigation is still ongoing.

Anyone with information about the child pornography or sexual battery cases is asked to call the FBI at 423-836-5111 or 1-800-CALL-FBI, which can also be reached in the US through the website