Roo plane incident sparks call for council action

Roo plane incident sparks call for council action

She says it is too early to say whether the council should make changes, giv우리카지노en the initial reports that were made only after the incident.

But she believes that a more urgent need for community support and a focus on improving the air quality should be addressed in coming days.

“The primary concern is of course우리카지노 the immediate impact to the public because people have been affected by this air pollution,” Mr Davies said.

“But we need to provide more space for people to experience what this air has done to their health.”

A spokeswoman from South Australian Environment Minister, Jane Garrett, said she was disappointed that the incident was not caught earlier, but that there was “nothing to suggest that this issue has yet been investigated fully.”

This morning there was another fire in the state’s remote Northern Territory community of Gatton, about 25km from the site of the last crash in 2013, when another drone came down in a forest.

Meanwhile, authorities confirmed one person died in a bushfire in the state’s north, while another has been confirmed dead by the state health department, according to an update on the situation posted on the department’s website.

The bushfire, which started near the town of Gatton, has burned 830 hectares. The area is heavily forested and is not regularly visited by motorists as it is in the remote areas close to the river.

Mr Davies says the decision by the Federal Government to cut back on public spending on road projects will do little to help the area which is in danger of being “turned into a landfill”.

“I do not want to see that happen,” he said.

“We are very close to the bottom end of our budget. If we are spending more money there and we aren’t getting what we’re supposed to ge바카라사이트t then the bottom end is at risk.”

“We are not looking at road building… We don’t have the funds to do anything other than just build a little bit extra.”

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