Manual planning is not just cumbersome - it is costly. Whatever your goals, despite your constraints, OptoVan can be the brain of your supply chain. Reduce freight costs and ensure SLA adherence with no dependency on vendors.

Planners Desk

OptoVan gives the ability to a single desk to plan for the whole fleet. Basis for automation for the allocation process powered by AI.

Plan your deliveries with the click of a button and maximize value across both cost and service levels.

Shipping Network

Imagine 100’s of micro networks within your facilities allowing you to combine loads and optimize vehicles allocation between 1000’s of vehicles.

OptoVan allows you to create networks on your pre defined facilities. Shipping network can be used for both intra city and inter city movements

Route Management

OptoVan provides the ability to manage evaluate and optimize fixed route vehicles for repetitive tasks.

  • Create Routes and assign vehicles
  • Add touch points at the go. App based notification to the driver
  • Track the vehicle. Real time Status updates for users
  • Evaluate utilization. Ensure equitable distribution of load. Right size the fleet

Distance and Time

OptoVan allows recording the distance and time for each vehicle for each trip for each day. The information is very powerful for analysis, balancing utilization between assets, right size the fleet size and generate expense reports


In person negotiations, physical contracts and relationship-based vendor discovery can be replaced with OptoVan‘s intelligent procurement and contracting tools.
  • Leased Vehicle : Standard Monthly leased vehicle contracts with pre defined distance and time agreements
  • Adhoc Procurement : Limited period contracts with customizable terms
  • Trip wise : Ability to create N*N*N matrix for rate definitions for a supplier, vehicle type and source – destination combinations

Mobile App

A simple, yet powerful way to manage indenting at scale, across your network. With OptoVan, seamlessly control every step of your process, right from placement to dispatch to delivery. Generate legally-compliant digital documents for every stakeholder – don’t wait for physical PODs and exchange cumbersome signatures. Track your consignments – no matter where they are, even without a smartphone or GPS device. Delight your customers with a delivery experience like never before!


In OptoVan, all your data in one place means better visibility and control. Coordinate and manage all your depots like a well-oiled machine. Proactively solve problems and make data-driven decisions. Identify and reward vendors who consistently exceed standard SLAs – or get notified if things go away.