Opera house advertising defended by nsw premier John Key

Opera house advertising defended by nsw premier John Key

“It’s going to be the greatest technology change since Gutenberg,” he said.

“Because everything in the future is going to be better, and if you can learn something from this technology we just invented, then hopefully there will be things you can learn from this technology.”

Prime Minister John Key will be in New Zealand on a state visit in late December, where he will visit the Pacific islands of Rotorua and Wellington with business leaders in the Pacific Region Business Summit.

Mr Key will 슬롯 머신also spend the Christmas period in a remote and snowy remote village in Northern Territory where a giant wind turbine is the only visible sign of his arrival.

Mr Key said he had no personal plans to visit New Zealand at this time but was certain that when the time came he would be a visitee again.

The premier said while the technology behind the technology of the Internet was moving at a rapid rate, “the thing we really need is to look at what can we really benefit and what can we actually use”.

“There is바카라 게임 probably not a technology that you can use better than the Internet and if you can get the best out of it you can probably make a very interesting contribution to society.”

He said New Zealand’s digital economy was growing at more than twice the rate of the economy as a whole, and that the number of people using the services was up by nearly a fifth since 2004.

The premier said that had all been achieved, he might need to introduce the idea of a GST.

He said the Internet was “a tremendous asset to New Zealand and we should be using it the way we’ve used it for decades”.

“We need to be very pragmatic in how we use it. In the long term we need to make sure the benefits arXO 카지노e really realised, that we are benefiting from all this amazing technology we’ve got up here.”

While technology had advanced on the mainland over the last 20 years, Kiwi services had had little impact, said the premier.

‘We all had to share’

“I’ve met entrepreneurs around the world who say they’ve made a difference in areas other than technology. They’ve had to share their innovations. We all had to share with them, whether we were with IBM or Hewlett-Packard. We all had to use this information,” Mr Key said.

“That was the experience I’ve had growing up.

“We all have to get behind technology to ge