Mexico arrests drug runner for murders

Mexico arrests drug runner for murders

An Albuquerque drug runner charged in the slaying of a federal agent was arrested this week at the Albuquerque airport and faces a possible life sentence if found guilty, an attorney for the suspect said.

Albuquerque’s U.S. Marshal’s Office said it arrested David Rodríguez Pardo, 51, on Sept. 20 and charged him with murder in the murder of Agent Enrique Sánc예스카지노hez-Pizarro, a 15-year veteran of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, according to court records.

According to court records, the murder charges were based on information reported by federal agents earlier in the day that Pardo had recently fired on agents from his car as they were walking down I-40 in downtown Albuquerque in 예스카지노August 2016.


A drug-sniffing dog found the gun and alerted authorities to Pardo’s activities and the murder.

The shooting killed Pizarro, who was working for Federal Emergency Management Agency officials, and wounded another agency agent, whose death was also ruled a homicide, in what U.S. Marshal’s Office spokeswoman Lisa Fuhrwald said was a “horrific act of violence.”

After Pardo was caught, he attempted to flee, Fuhrwald said. An investigation of Pardo’s vehicle failed to find a drug load, and he was arrested in the car.

The FBI is providing support to the U.S. Marshal더킹카지노‘s Office, the attorney, John E. Baca, said.

Pardo is the ninth drug runner in the U.S. since 2013 to be arrested.

A native of Mexico, Pardo has extensive criminal history in Mexico, where he has been serving time since 2006, according to the FBI. He is believed to be involved in over $50 million in cash, property and currency smuggling, according to the agency.

Pardo was a known drug trafficker who was known to the drug ring in the U.S. and had extensive criminal and military connections, federal prosecutors said.

He was involved in a conspiracy that netted $100 million in cocaine, cocaine and methamphetamine, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles.

Pardo was known to police who made a stop in the Albuquerque area in 2012 after he allegedly bought large amounts of guns from a woman during a traffic stop, according to court records.

Prosecutors said that he was also linked to an attempted murder i