Man fled from police after knives guns found in car

Man fled from police after knives guns found in car

He was shot dead by officers when he tried to stop another man attempting to rob the store.

Officers shot dead a man after responding to a call about a burglary in the 10100 block of South 12th Street around 1am on March 12.

Police recovered two handguns, four knives and a firearm believed to be used in the attempted robbery from a vehicle located near the crime scene.

The suspect, Joseph Satterwhite, 46, had left 카지노 사이트the store with his sister, who was waiting outside when a group of three to five men pulled up in a white Ford Focus. Satterwhite was identified by police as the armed suspect, but no further information was immediately released.

A passerby told the police that she saw Satterwhite walking in an alley around noon and was struck by a car.

‘Just heard a shooting in the parking lot of the store. I got up and left it there. I think someone shot,” the woman told police.

A resident was taken to a nearby hospital, suffering a minor injury, before being taken into custody.

Scene in the parking lot of the South 12th Street Southside Family Mart before 10am on March 12, where two people were shot. One had been shot while attempting to rob a business and was shot dead by police. The other man was shot dead. Police said a suspect in the case has been identified by police. Police said the motive behind the attack in the parking lot remains unclear (above) but it was not immediately clear바카라사이트 where he came from (above)

‘We believe he had gotten into an argument with someone. They shot him as he was trying to leave (the store) and fled on foot.’

One resident, who requested anonymity to remain anonymous, said that he could see the man sitting in the parking lot for a good ten minutes.

‘I knew it was his car, when he started turning around to look up,’ the anonymous resident said. ‘He said, “There’s someone out here,” and he turned around, because he didn’t know who that was.’

Neighbors told the Houston Chronicle that they saw Satterwhite standing next to a woman in a green car.

‘The lady just sat there in the vehicle for 카지노 사이트a bit,’ said a resident. ‘She kind of shook her head, and then they left.’

The local fire chief tells reporters that officers were seen in the area for roughly a minute until one of them arrived