Maldives tsunami death toll rises to 67

Maldives tsunami death toll rises to 67

The National Disaster Management Force said it had reached the 67th casualty figure from the quake, bringing the total death toll to at least 679.

Officials said survivors were trapped on roofs, on the streets and in some buil화천안마dings as the quake hit with devastating force.

The latest deaths include 12 people from neighbouring islands, according to Reuters news agency.

The death toll reached 679 in the area where a magnitude 7.8 quake struck just as emergency services were getting on with their rescue operations.

The quake struck off the nation’s southwest coast just before noon local time, a United Nations agency said in a statement.

Survivors were taking shelter in basements and offices in several places around the affected districts of Bekasi, Jefra and Kalimantan, said the statement.

The agency said three other people had been injured in the quake.

On Sunday, a magnitude-5.9 aftershock struck off the central island of Borneo, in a second major aftershock after a 7.8 quake hit off southern Malacca three days ago.

Indonesia is home to around 2,500 people working an카지노 게임 사이트d living abroad and the country’s quake response is among the most complex in the world, with aid officials and relief agencies operating in over 60 countries.

On May 8, a magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck off Sulawesi island, killing at least 10 people, but many of the affected areas were not immediately evacuated and rescue efforts were slow.

The quake was felt in all islands of Sumatra, the Indian Ocean archipelago in Southeast Asia, the central and southernmost of which was hardest hit, the UN said.

Indonesia is home to many ethnic and religious minorities, who were mostly left behind by civil war and fighting between the monarchy in the 1960s and Muhammed Ngo Dinh D하하 포커iem’s government, which swept across the country in a 1973 coup.

Some 2.15 million people are currently without power, emergency services say.

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