Interview with bei fuersteten:

Interview with bei fuersteten:

Dafont: In Germany we are very concerned about this because of the situation in Syria which has been very complicated and chaotic, because of these terrorist attacks in Europe, and we see what has happened. I do not want to draw too much attention from what is happening in the Middle East and what is happening in Europe. We are concerned about that and we are trying to do everything to prevent that from happening again. Because we are also trying to find a solution that we can work together to implement and get that over.

JL: I do not know the specifics of what kind of support you have, but what are your thoughts on that? Because I did not 생중계 카지노learn so much about that issue, because it is a political crisis in some way and one that might affect the whole situation.

DS: In this regard we should think about the cooperation and the development of our cooperation with those neighboring countries, and I don’t want to speak about the Turkish si우리 계열 카지노de but Turkey is one of the countries that we should not see and that is why we should not see it there. As for myself, we should not see it here because I am an Austrian but I will see it wherever I am.

JL: Are you able to comment about what might happen if these terrorist attacks in Austria occurred over there?

DS: This is why I need to ask you this: If an attack happens in Austria you should have a very high alert. But if it does not happen for the reasons mentioned then, we should be able to respond with very high levels of response. The first thing that we need to do is to establish a security situation in the country in which we live, and we have to do it as 카지노 신규 가입 쿠폰soon as we are able, as soon as the authorities have this opportunity, to respond in full capacity and we don’t have to wait until some other day. And we have to do so quickly and very quickly, if we are to be able to respond quickly and in a decisive way. Because, let me tell you something, if we don’t, we will never be able to respond to this attack.

And the second thing we should do is to find a way to provide them with the best possible information so that they can understand the attack and also to get the best opportunity to respond as quickly as possible and to be prepared for what will happen later in the morning. And the third thing is that there is a big police presence in Berlin on a lot of street