Government calls for input on onshore gas exploration

Government calls for input on onshore gas exploration

Methane gas drillers and oil companies will need more input from scientists, indigenous groups and residents, the Liberal government said Wednesday, calling for public engagement in new exploratory gas exploration as a way to ensure federal environmental standards are met.

The policy — which has been endorsed by a majority of Liberal MPs — came after an outcry from Canada’s aboriginal communit바카라ies, who have faced frequent anti-gases policies over the past five years. They also said the proposed rules would allow gas companies to bypass traditional rules.

“In this climate, it’s important to understand what we are doing and who we are working with,” said Public Works Minister Glen Murray. “As long as there is a risk to our economy and the health of our native people, we have to do something.”

The government is proposing more than 100 new federal actions to ensure Canada’s environment — from reducing climate change through to fighting the spill from oil spills and climate change — has been maintained, or better protected, in the coming decades. It is also expanding a network of experts who will 공주출장안마 공주출장마사지consult with aboriginal groups on how to ensure proper protection of all parts of the environment under any given federal bill.

It follows the announcement of a major change for coal companies: it now plans to require companies to install monitoring devices for underground pollution at its coal-fired power plants after two of its reactors were found to have contaminated water and nearby towns.

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The move will help ensure an efficient, long-lasting coal-based electricity source for Ontario, where the coal industry employs around 7,200에비앙 카지노 people.

The federal government is also considering new rules for new oil sands projects, and creating an independent task force to ensure all aspects of the project meet the same standards.

“The federal government has been very clear it’s not a ‘one way highway,’ and we’re going to take a really tough look at all the issues and our standards and everything else,” said Mr. Murray.

He said while the government will continue to “advocate” for measures to prevent spills, it is not required to take action “in every case where there’s an issue with respect to the spill, whether that’s a mine or a large industrial operation.”

Methane gas has been used in many of Canada’s natural resources for nearly 2,000 years – first used in the coal-fired furnaces to generate electricity, and then used in the construction of railways and industria

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