Fiji praised for democratic moves to ease the way for a referendum

Fiji praised for democratic moves to ease the way for a referendum

He said it was time for the community to have its say about the matter.

“I’m confident that the people are being heard. I believe we’re about to see change in Fijian democracy,” he said.

Fiji will conduct its first-ever national referendum on independence in 2017 and Mr Mihiri and his team have been working diligently to ensure it meets th바카라 커뮤니티e constitutional requirements of independence.

The island is home to the nation’s largest Indigenous community and most indigenous ethnicities, so Fijian residents are among the most highly-policed in the world.

It has als비트 카지노o long been used as a training ground for the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

The constitution stipulates the vote will be conducted by a secret ballot.

The prime minister said it was not his intention to take the vote too far.

“The vote will be public but we are only considering what we have to say in public,” he said.

“There are many options for us to pursue, if it was in our interests.”

Mr Mihiri has come under increasing pressure from Fijians, some of whom are angry that it has taken so long for the vote to take place.

At least 18 people, including nine children, were killed in an ambush this week in Fiji during celebrations for independence on August 10.

In response, Mr Mihiri was called to parliament and faced questions over security on August 12.

It has been claimed his answers could be seen as evidence he did not meet with all necessary officials after his answgta5 카지노 칩er, which had caused confusion, was given during questioning by the prime minister.