Emergency service workers to get new equipment after a blast, which has struck a building in a district in Baghdad

Emergency service workers to get new equipment after a blast, which has struck a building in a district in Baghdad. (Shohreh Aghdashloo/AFP/Getty Images) Iraqi soldiers take cover as they stand guard in front바카라사이트 of a street damaged by an improvised explosive device (IED) attack in central Baghdad. 카지노 사이트(Muhammad Hamed/Reuters) An injured Iraqi soldier is treated in a hospital in Baghdad. (Muhammad Hamed/Reuters) An explosion in the capital of Iraq, the Sunni Muslim province of Anbar, killed at least 22 people. An AFP reporter reported that the dead included the country’s interior minister, Abdul Karim al-Jazrawi, and eight police officers. A total of 16 people were wounded. (AP Photo/Ali Hashisho) People look at debris left by an apparent suicide bomber at a market in Baghdad’s Shi’ite heartland province of Sadr City on Oct. 15, 2015. (AP Photo/Nasim Sawa바카라사이트di)

In addition to taking on terrorism, Iraq is now facing an escalating crisis of drugs, poverty and poverty conditions that have led to growing numbers of people being displaced by the ongoing unrest.

The Islamic State (IS) militant group, an al-Qaeda offshoot, last week announced the creation of a special counterterrorism unit to combat the violence.

The Islamic State militants, and similar groups, began recruiting from Sunni areas of Iraq during the summer.

After the Iraqi government seized the city of Ramadi from IS, security forces set up checkpoints and security forces began to target IS groups in and around Ramadi in an effort to stop the violence.

Since December, when Ramadi fell, some 1,200 members of IS are believed to have either died or fled the Iraqi city, most of whom were civilians, according to a report by Iraq’s semiofficial news agency Amaq.

Iraqi officials are seeking to help civilians displaced by the crisis to return to their homes, but with only a limited amount of aid, they have had limited success.

In September, at least one Syrian family returned to their home as part of an influx of 160 Syrian residents.

The latest refugee to leave IS-controlled areas of Ramadi is one of dozens who traveled to the northern Iraqi city from other areas of the country.

The family had fled a bombing of their building in the provincial capital of Ramadi. (Amaq)

The mother of the displaced Syrian girl said: “One of the young girl