Ben chifley engine on track for bathurst return

Ben chifley engine on track for bathurst return

With the team looking at the new 2015 car in earnest, McLaren says they will look at ways to boost performance, as well as increase fuel efficiency. While team boss Eric Boullier admitted he could not rule out running any power upgrades, the focus should go on reducin바카라사이트g the weight of the car.

Boullier told Autocar: “The objective is not to use power – which is what they have done this year. The objective is to give it more power – and that is why you need all that weight reduction.

“As you can imagine, they don’t want to put on weight, becaus더킹카지노e weight doesn’t give you performance. They want it to be lighter to help improve stability.”

McLaren’s first engine upgrade will be on the 1.5-litre, turbocharged V6. Although engine development for the car is being held in parallel, Boullier said it wasn’t about the engine that matters so much now.

“So the objective is to help the car to do the right thing this season,” Boullier explained. “There’s a very good engine to optimise in our project. It’s a big-discipline engine; we feel it makes the most of its potential – not just power but also agility.

“So for the next step in development, we think it’s best to switch back to the current formula. You can look at engine packages for a long time. It’s good that they’re in parallel. They’re not completely connected, but their role is to help us to develop that power.

“I cannot rule out some opportunities for this engine. It may come out of the project, but I cannot rule it out completely.”

Team principal Eric Boullier, center, speaks to his mechanics during the launch of the new Mercedes-AMG GTR.

Mercedes-AMG GTR’s power unit and bodywork is inspired by Mercedes-AMG P1.


Boullier went on to say Mercedes-AMG GTR has been using its existing GTR bodywork to develop the new supercar.

“You need an engine in the right place,” Boullier said. “So we’ll be using the bodywork of the GTR, but there will be some developments in the engine itself. It will also be in our power unit. But you can think of some바카라 ways we can push the power forward