Authorities brace for strike action in zimbabwe

Authorities brace for strike action in zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s foreign ministry says it is aware of on바카라사이트going political unrest in Zimbabwe but believes there are no imminent plans to engage in an armed revolt.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said his government had already taken action over alleged threats of violence but called on the public not to take too much comfort from what he called “the calm and the calm in the country’s situation”.

In a statement on its website late Tuesday morning, Zimbabwe’s Foreign Ministry said its office had made it clear to the Foreign Minister that any use of force by security forces will be met with a violent response and “an end to this destabilising and provocative behaviour”.

The foreign ministry spokesman, Thomas Sambo, said: “We must not take any solace in this situation as the actions of the National Resistance Movement (NMR) have only strengthened the cause of the NMR.”

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption The BBC’s Martin Patience in Zimbabwe says the unrest is still very much alive

“The foreign ministry cannot and will not intervene, so this is an act of support by the opposition.”

However, he said the government would keep on supporting those in exile by providing advice and training.

The unrest has led to an outpouring of criticism of the country’s ruling Zanu-PF party, which has been criticised for ignoring the violence and failing to rein in the NMR.

On Monday, a group of opposition MPs and members of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) took to the streets in response to Mr Tsvangirai’s demand for a national dialogue to address the political crisis.

Earlier on Tuesday the prime minister said he was “sure there will be더킹카지노 no immediate intervention” from security forces.

He said there had been the need for the police to put down the fire and “clear the field” to “show our government respects”.

‘Into the hands of the terrorists’

Mr Tsvangirai’s office urged people not to take 카지노 사이트comfort in what it called “what has become the typical response in all revolutions around the world” – the armed struggle of the oppressed.

Image copyright Reuters Image caption The violence in Zimbabwe has left around 70 people dead

Mr Tsvangirai said there were “new developments” that could lead to more clashes and could include:

The use of weapons or a similar tactic

Fighting from “lone wolf militants” who have now bee